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Friday, 4 May 2012

Bemoaning Beauty

I came across this article yesterday thanks to a tweet. I've changed the article's title to something more appropriate and less "hijacking". The original talked about Susanna Reid and her terrible, lifelong battle with having huge, breasts which overshadow her awesome journalistic talent and her towering intellect, on which she has no doubt built her iconic career as a Breakfast Show host.

This other person, whose name I've completely forgotten since reading her Daily Mail article thingy - you can follow the link below if you want, but please do it AFTER you finish reading this, even though I have mentioned it focusses on the idea that we all should focus on breasts less - obviously wants the world her way.

That isn't new - most women I know want the world to espouse the values they consider to be important - there probably wouldn't be as large a gender gap if there wasn't some key difference here.

I feel as if I'm digging a hole for myself now. What I wanted to say is that women - and men for that matter - can be sexy AND smart. Most of the most successful people I know are both. Some are sexier than smart. Some luscious-looking people are as dumb as rocks - it's true!

I know some people who are intellectually gifted who don't polish up so well. Certainly in universityland, there are some who believe you get your boss's attention initially not for your academic work or prowess, but whether you're not too harsh on the eyes. I'm not sure how it works. I think there might be more involved.

Certainly, there was a story circulating about somebody I heard of who had a special relationship with their boss which was based much more on factors other than ability and hard work. I guess the uglier of us need to keep plodding on the old-fashioned way...

Anyway, I haven't really got to making my point, which about educational outcomes, which perhaps should include the specific cultivation of sexuality for personal image marketing in the workplace.

What do you think?


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mexcalero said...

i donno man, I really like big tits everywhere on Tv & on streets, jajaj, great, at least I understand - I mean universaly speaking because I m not belong to UK - to this article, salute !! long live to Gonzo!